The Zwischenfunken collective is a young political collective from Kiel founded in october 2020. The main goal is to be active in different feminist ways. During the last years feminism has become a main topic in the whole society. But still... Many people are being discriminated and are socially and systematically disadvantaged by the patriarchal power structures that unfortunately still exist. Especially FLINTA (women, lesbian, gay, inter, nonbinary, trans and agender) / LGBTIAQ* have to face sexist jokes, insults and discrimination in a lot of different ways on a daily basis. We want to give those marginalized groups not only a voice but room to inform themselves, to connect, to speak, to find help and support. The involvement and enlightenment of affected people is an important part of equal rights and the mutual understanding of all people, and is therefore an important part of our work. You can find us on Instagram and Facebook, where, next to advertising the upcoming Anstimmen Festival, we publish story-posts to discuss current feminist problematics and empower each other. We created theme orientated weeks on, for example, abortion, a voting check for the German election and a feminist book week. Additionally we created a glossary to explain important feminists terms.

The Anstimmen festival, a feminist pop-up festival, takes place from 06/06/2022 to 12/06/2022 in Kiel and online. The festival's goal is to politically inform its participants and encourage them to join a discourse about feminist topics. This is why everyone, with no exceptions, is welcome to be a part of the festival. Here we can all learn from each other and make the voices of marginalized groups in our society heard. Our program includes a variety of lectures, readings, public discussions, exhibitions, workshops and sportive offers (like yoga). You can look forward to a discussion on the topic „feminism and disability“, a lecture by Sira Busch on „norms, stereotypes and muscular female read people“ and a lecture of the initiative Ferhat Unvar. The events are accesible for every person of every age, but are supposed to encourage especially FLINTA (women, lesbian, gay, inter, non-binary, trans and agender / LGBTIAQ*) and demonstrate ways for them to fight discrimination and engage politically. The events will take place both digitally on zoom or via youtube stream and analog at different locations in Kiel.