Feminism Glossary


Language is a form of thinking. Speaking without thinking is impossible.
So if we change our language, we're also changing our thinking.
Language means exchange. It is a tool for exchange between humans of any kind of relationship. So we must look at and regard words and change them to create a new kind of together we all want to be part of. It is a part of the movement to an equal future.

These posts were part of our feminism glossary on instagram.
With this glossary we want to provide every reader with the opportunity of entering feminism, grasping the necessity of new words and to understand that this is an ongoing learning experience for everyone.
Any form of awareness training is important to create an equitable future.

„Dare I speak to oppressed and opressor in the same voice? Dare I speak to you in a language that will move beyond the boundaries of domination - a language, that will not bind you, fence you in, or hold you? Language is also a place of struggle. The oppressed struggle in language to recover ourselves, to reconcile, to reunite, to renew. Our words are not without meaning, they are an action, a resistance. Language is also a place of struggle.“

  • Bell Hooks